Smart Home Integration Air Quality Monitors

I see that some of the reviewed monitors can connect to wifi or even Bluetooth to a phone or computer. I can’t seem to find any specific information about using these with a smart home. I have my homes exhaust fans and fresh air intake fan on my Samsung Smartthings hub so events in one device can trigger others. I am looking for a CO2 monitor that I can program to turn on my intake fan when the PPM exceed a threshold. Is this possible?

There is a documented Home Assistant integration for Aranet, but i have not tried it myself.

Aranet - Home Assistant (

I am not aware of any commercially available device that comes with a standardized protocol, like MQTT, which i assume would be integrateable into Smartthings.

Apart from that @oseiler has done a project where an extra device connects to one or more Aranets through bluetooth, then publishes via MQTT.

You can find open sourced CO2 Sensor projects, one again from @oseiler GitHub - oseiler2/CO2Monitor and also one of myself GitHub - the-butcher/MOTH.CO2.2: CO₂ sensor built from commercially available electronic parts combined with 3D printed housing parts that would likely integrate directly through MQTT. I am sure there are many similar projects on github.

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Great question!

The AirGradient monitors (indoors and outdoors, both with CO2 sensors) will soon have Home Assistant support. They’re both open source, so if you’re willing to do some work yourself, you could likely already integrate these.

I believe the Apollo AIR-1 also supports Home Assistant and ESP Home, so that could be worth looking into. I haven’t been able to try one myself yet.

This thread here has a range of other suggestions, but they mostly look to be DIY projects or monitors without CO2 sensors. I’ll keep looking and report back if I come across anything else.

This might be worth having a read in combination with the Aranet - Home Assistant link that Hannes posted above:

As far as I know the Aranet Pro supports MQTT when used with the Aranet base station, but at the respective price - and then you’ll still need to integrate that with an home automation system.
This will also work using an esp32 to integrate an Aranet using MQTT: GitHub - oseiler2/ESP32-Aranet-Proxy
As Hannes already commented there are a lot of homebrew options available, but they will involve some degree of research and tinkering. Most devices that offer connectivity and cloud based data storage push their own offerings and subscription models.