What Is the Best App for Checking AQI?

I usually use AirVisual, but I’m wondering if any better options exist.

Hi! Firstly, welcome to the community. Thank you for joining!

I have a whole article on the topic here: 10+ Best AQI Apps (Air Quality Index Apps). I usually use AirVisual because it has a nice user interface (at least the app does; I am not a fan of the website) and has ample data. That said, I prefer AQICN if I’m on a PC or a device with a larger screen (like an iPad).

AQICN has so much data, which is why I love it. If the monitor supports it, you can find the individual concentrations of each pollutant as well as historical values from as long ago as a decade. If enough data is present, you can even view the air quality forecast.

It can look a bit overwhelming at first, but I appreciate having all of this extra data on hand. Another platform (that, unfortunately, is not an app) worth looking at is OpenAQ. If you have your own outdoor monitor, this is a great platform as you can also contribute and see your own monitor on the map.