Radoff Air Quality Monitor

Hi all,

I’ve recently found a new AQM called Radoff (https://radoff.life/en/).

Has anyone heard or used any of their solutions? I have not found much information about them.


Hi John,

Thanks for joining, and a great question! Honestly, I hadn’t heard of them before you shared the link. However, I am still unaware of quite a few companies out there.

I will reach out to the company with some questions because I would love to learn more about the technology used in these monitors. Other than the sensors, the monitors look quite interesting - especially the connectivity and app design, which looks clean and easy to use.

On to the sensors, however. Below are the listed specs for the two monitors:

The technology looks good at first glance (optical laser sensor for PM, NDIR for CO2, and ENEA-certified radon sensor). I thought I would be able to guess what technology was used in the monitor with the specifications, but a ± 50 ppm accuracy for CO2 (for example) is unusual, and I’m not sure if that is correct (usually it’s ± an absolute value and ± a relative value).

There’s only a bit we can tell from this page, so I have contacted them to ask a bit more about the device and I will let you know if I get a reply!

Radoff was fast to reply and I have been told this:

We use Sensirion and Winsen sensors for PM, CO2 and VOC which are among the most reliable components we have purchased.

The radon sensor, on the other hand, is completely designed by us. Our radon sensor is patented, tested and certified by ENEA, the National Institute of Ionizing Radiation Metrology (INMRI-ENEA) is the main Italian research institute on the measurement of ionizing radiation; specializes in particular in measurements in the fields of radiotherapy, radiodiagnostics and radiation protection.

It’s hard to tell exactly which is which (Sensirion and Winsen both make CO2, PM and VOC sensors), but both perform decently from my experience, with Sensirion performing well.

Thanks. So, these devices look promising. Specially Radoff Now has a decent price (129 euros).

If I get one, I will share my experience.

From a sensor standpoint, I think so! Obviously, user experience and other aspects are much harder to evaluate without trying the monitor first-hand. I will also see if I can get one for a review, as these look quite interesting!