Laminar air flow air purifiers

Hi everyone!
I have seen an air purifier advertising itself as providing “laminar flow” to provide a pocket of safe air for the user

Is this legit? (has anyone tested it apart from the maker?) Also how does this compare to other small personal air purifiers (like the smartair qt3) which promise to provide a bubble of clean air for the user. Are they using the same tech?

Hi Harry,

This is a very interesting question and not one I have much experience with. However, I’ve done a bit of research, and as far as I can tell, there isn’t much testing of this purifier currently out there. This video,, is from the company’s founder, but I assume you might have already seen it since you mentioned the maker testing it. While he’s obviously interested in showing the product in the best possible light, it looks to perform well, at least at close range.

From what I’ve heard, this device likely performs better than devices such as Airinum’s Hale and those smaller cylindrical portable air purifiers. However, I know the QT3 is currently considered the best in the category so it would be great to know which one performs better. I will see if I can get some more information and get back to you!

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Awesome, thank you! Would be great to know if this technology is worth investing in as it could provide important protection for people who need to unmask for things like dental appointments.

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This video might interest you:

Thanks Ethan - this looks like a really cool and useful technology.