Aranet4 Home Cases

A few cases are available for the Aranet4 Home.

3D-printed protective case - Aranet4 Case – EBSECan Charity Fundraising Store (I think they ship to Canada and the U.S.)

There are also a few ‘cable’ pouches if you don’t need access to the monitor all the time. I found mine at Miniso, a store in Asia, but Amazon has some similar cases. I’ve attached a picture of the ones I found, and readers also mentioned these:

On the forum, the Aranet team also mentions that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip cases work well, but I haven’t tried these myself: Travel case for Aranet4?.

You could also 3D print a case with these files. If you’re like me and don’t have access to a printer yourself, you might be able to find a local store that offers on-demand printing services. It might be a bit more costly, but it could be worth it if you take your Aranet everywhere with you.

The current case situation is far from ideal. I wish they would release something official as there’s clearly demand!

I just got word from Aranet that an official ‘travel case’ will launch in April. I don’t know if it will be a pouch, shell, or otherwise, but there will be an official case soon!

Also, some cases on Etsy have good reviews. Here is one that is quite popular: 3d-printed Aranet4 Case - Etsy Singapore

Hi. I have used the Canadian EBSECan printed case. It works well, very secure - its just a bit difficult to get the Aranet into it at first as the printed material is very stiff. I have also discovered another 3D printed source - on Creations By Shiven This case is fantastic as it has a printed small loop on the top that you can attach a clip to and so clip the Aranet to a purse or bag. This is great for having it with you whenever you are out and being able to quickly refer to it. Its cheap - less than $10 - and made by a Covid aware teenager and advocate for Corsi Rosenthal Boxes so well worth supporting him !!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and adding a few more cases to the list! These look fantastic, I will have to check them out.

I’m also awaiting the official case which was supposed to come out sometime this month as I’m curious about what the design of that will be.