Aranet2 Home Short Review

While many people have heard of the Aranet4 Home, Aranet’s very famous carbon dioxide monitor and many are sure to know about the Aranet Radiation Sensor in due time (it just got released), relatively few know of the Aranet4’s little sibling - the Aranet2 Home.

The Aranet2 Home is essentially an Aranet4 Home in every way except that it lacks the carbon dioxide sensor. That is to say, it’s a temperature and relative humidity sensor with the same great connectivity as the far more pricey Aranet4 Home. While this might seem to have limited capabilities, it can be a handy device for the right people. Personally, I’ve had an Aranet2 Home for many months now (in fact, I think it’s almost been one year), but I never reviewed the device as I feel like it doesn’t quite fit into the format of my main website. That is to say, it’s not so much an air quality monitor, and I don’t know if I could write a full article on the device since it is quite simple.

The Aranet2 Home retails for about $70, but it’s often on sale, and you can save a bit by using the code ‘BREATHESAFEAIR’ at checkout. With this discount and the ongoing promotions, you can quite often find this monitor going for around $55-$65. Now, for just a temperature and humidity sensor, this might seem quite pricey and really it is. However, at this point, Aranet has established quite a reputation for making premium but high-quality and performant products, and this pricing fits what I expect from the company. Aranet has never sponsored me, and I’m free to speak my mind here, but I’ve had a great experience with all of my products from them, and I believe the products are very high quality, albeit expensive.

Despite being an expensive monitor for what it is, you do get a few advantages of purchasing products within the Aranet ecosystem that you wouldn’t get with most other monitors (outside of a few brands such as INKBIRD). The best example of this is great support and the fantastic application where you can add any Aranet4 Home and Aranet Radiation Monitors you have. Personally, it is this connectivity via the Aranet Home app that would make me consider purchasing an Aranet2. It is a fantastic app, and it’s always worked flawlessly for me. At this point, I have three Aranet4 Homes, one radiation monitor, and one Aranet2 and being able to access all of these devices from one app is fantastic. Of course, this also means you can store and export data from this device, making it great for viewing trends over the long term.

With this in mind, I think the Aranet2 is an expensive product, but it will be the perfect solution for some niche uses. If you have a location that is very sensitive to temperature and humidity, this is a fantastic choice that will allow you to see long-term trends. Over my months of using the device, it’s worked great, and I’ve found it to be very accurate as it doesn’t have other sensors generating heat, which causes inaccurate readings. Even better, you get the incredible battery life that Aranet is known for.

So, is the Aranet2 for everyone? No. However, if you need a temperature and relative humidity monitor, this is one worth checking out.