Air Quality Monitor Teardowns

After recently coming across this Awair Element teardown article, I thought it could be helpful to compile a list of such teardowns for anyone looking to see the insides of their air quality monitor. If you know of any other teardowns, please feel free to add more!

Awair Element Teardown: Air Quality Monitor deep dive: Awair Element teardown and review | by Erik Kokalj | May, 2024 | Medium

IQAir AirVisual Pro Teardown: IQAir AirVisual Pro Review - The Most Famous Air Quality Monitor for a Reason?

IKEA Vindstyrka:

IKEA Vindriktning: IKEA Vindriktning Air Quality Monitor - Great Value for Only $15?

Also, not so much teardowns as ‘build ups’:

AirGradient ONE: AirGradient ONE Review - An Open-Source, Affordable Air Quality Monitor

AirGradient Open Air: AirGradient Open Air Review - Open-Source Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

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Amazon Air Quality Monitor - Amazon’s Air Quality Monitor deep dive: Teardown and review | by Erik Kokalj | Jun, 2024 | Medium

Not really a teardown, but here are some images of the inside of an Airthings View Plus.

Qingping Air Monitor: Qingping CGS1 inside - Air Quality - WIKI

uHoo: uHoo inside - Air Quality - WIKI

Airthings Wave Plus: Airthings Wave Plus inside - Air Quality - WIKI

Awair Element: Awair Element inside - Air Quality - WIKI